Behavioral Counseling

Canine and feline behavior problems can be a real challenge to correct, but with a little forethought and the right information, owners can easily prevent most common problems. Many owners begin their relationship with the new pet armed with misinformation and an idealistic view of the pet-owner relationship. Our behavior counseling begins with the first puppy or kitten examination and continues throughout the life of the pet. Addressing such problems as house training, aggression avoidance, inappropriate elimination, fears and phobias and dominance behaviors have become common discussions in the exam room. In select cases, behavior modification combined with the proper use of an ever widening list of medication can be life saving. The best single piece of advise………Every dog-owner pair should complete an obedience class together when the puppy is young..

It is estimated that greater than 97 % of dogs that are euthanized for behavior related problems have never been taken to an obedience class.

Difficult cases may be referred to an animal behavior specialist.

Obedience Training

The following local professional trainers are highly recommended.

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