General Surgery

Village Animal Hospital is fully equipped and qualified to perform a wide range of surgical procedures in our modern surgical suite. All surgeries are performed under strict sterile procedures very similar to human hospitals. If appropriate, Dr. Olson may consult with or refer you and your pet to the surgery specialist at the Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital of Wichita for advanced surgical care. All anesthetic procedures are closely monitored by our skilled technician. We routinely use the following monitors simultaneously, in addition to visual observation to monitor our surgical patients.

Respiratory Monitor:
This instrument monitors respiratory rate, beeping with every breath and sounding an alarm if a breath has not been taken within a pre-determined safe period.
Pulse Oximeter:
By placing a light clip on the tongue, toe or lip, the pulse oximetry measures the heart rate and the level at which the blood is carrying oxygen to the patient.
Blood Pressure:
Doppler blood pressure monitoring is used with every surgical procedure.
Temperature Monitor:
Close monitoring of body temperature to keep the patient warm aids significantly in lowering the risk of anesthesia.
Continuous ECG Monitoring:
Started before surgery and discontinued after recovery, monitoring heart function is essential in many cases.


Anesthetics are chosen for safety, patient comfort, relaxation and smooth recovery. After an intravenous anesthetic injection to induce a safe level of anesthesia, a breathing tube is passed into the airway, and the patient is maintained on gas anesthesia until procedure is complete.

Multimodal Pain Management:

Pain management in dogs and cats has gone through a dramatic evolution over the past decade. Current approaches used by our staff focus on anticipation and prevention of pain, as well as pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic management techniques to keep your pet comfortable on the day of surgery and through the post-operative rehabilitation period.

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